Thursday, July 13, 2017


The troughs that brought much rains for Florida and plenty of lightning are moving into the Gulf of Mexico.  There is still one trough that is what was left of T.D. 4 that is along the west coast and that is bringing showers and storms north and south along the interior west and along the west coast as it progresses westward.  There is a slot of dry air moving in along the east coast and this is drying out a portion of the Southeast Florida coast and interior sections as well. However, I am seeing some more moisture developing offshore so you can rule out some more storms popping up during the evening and morning hours.

There is a tropical wave along Puerto Rico that the northern axis extends into the Atlantic and is also interacting with that mid to upper level low near 27°N. Long. and 60°-65°W. Lat.  This is also producing showers and storms along the northern axis which will track west and eventually bring more moisture across the Bahamas and Florida in the coming days.

Elsewhere the tropics remain quiet.

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