Thursday, July 20, 2017


RTW:  Ralph's Tropical Weather

1. Strong wave over Africa near 15°W and 12°N tracking west.  Will have to watch this one as it moves off the coast in the coming days...RTW

2. A tropical wave and 1013 mb low pressure is whats left of 96L.  This system continues to have a cluster of showers and storms to the northwest of the low as it tracks west to a west-northwest. This wave is still moving through Sahara dry air and dust but the area of dust seems to be less than it was before.  This may bring showers and squally conditions to the Leeward Islands in a day or two...RTW

3. An area of Cloudiness, showers and thunderstorm that off the Florida east coast. Is due to a trough that is presently interacting with that pesky middle to upper level low that moved north and has moved back south between 70°W-75°W and 21°N-22°N.  pressure are not dropping and there are no signs of tropical cyclone formation at this time.  However, this is enhancing showers and thunderstorms over a portion of Florida and the Bahamas.  This could lessen some over night as it looses some of the day time heat...RTW

Elsewhere tropical cyclone is not expected through Friday...RTW 

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