Friday, July 21, 2017


RTW:  Ralph's Tropical Weather

1. Strong wave over Africa moving off the coast of Africa but non of the models are suggesting development at this time...RTW

2. A tropical wave near 55°W is producing yours and storms to the west of the northern axis of the wave.  This activity is whats left of 96L...RTW

3. Cloudiness, showers and thunderstorm persist of the Bahamas, Florida and now the Gulf waters.  This is due to the interaction between two upper level lows and a trough along the east coast and northern Gulf.  We are sandwiched in between these two systems and this will enhance the rain and storm chances today and early night.  Showers and storms should relax later this evening as the surface cools a bit but still a chance for redevelopment of showers and storms...RTW

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